Speed qualification at IFSC World Cup Wujiang has whittled the climbers down to the final 16 men and women who will compete for the medals tomorrow at the Fenhu Culture and Sports Center. Here are some of the thoughts from the athletes.

Top women’s qualifier

1. Aleksandra MIROSLAW (POL) – 6.30

Full women’s results can be found here Top men’s qualifier

1.  ZHANG Liang (CHN) – 5.02

Full men’s results can be found here WHAT THE ATHLETES SAID

Manon LEBON (FRA) – qualified in 15th in the women’s Speed

“It was good. In other competitions I don’t stick my runs, but here I did. It wasn’t my best time but I’m happy to put down a good time in a competition, and it’s good to do it at the last World Cup of the season. For finals it’s about time and having fun. My main objective is just to have fun.”

Zach HAMMER (USA) – qualified in 11th in the men’s Speed

“It was amazing. Unbelievable. It’s my first ever World Cup finals, I went to World Champs finals, but this is amazing. When I hit the buzzer I was in tears. After the first run, which was a slip, I knew I felt good and the second was going to be a good one. I already knew. 

“I don’t really have any expectations now. I will just try and do my best and see what happens. My main goal this season was to make it to the Olympic Qualifier Series, and now with this I’m 100% good, I’ve made that. So, no pressure now. I’m just excited to climb.”


Zach Hammer (USA) in qualification action at IFSC World Cup WujiangPhoto: Dimitris Tosidis/IFSC

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