Athletes climb secured by a rope, one at a time, on an overhanging route with a 6-minute time limit. The athlete who reaches the highest point wins.

  • In Lead, the aim for the competitors is to go as high as possible in an individual attempt on a 15m wall.
  • The competitors have a limited amount of time (six (6) minutes) for their attempt.
  • The Lead ranking is set based on the height (hold number) achieved by the competitors. A competitor gets a “+” added to their score if moving in the direction of the next hold.
  • The routes are reset between the Qualification, Semifinals and the Final.
  • Competitors can preview the route during a collective observation time (six (6) minutes), but cannot attempt the route (no observation in the Qualification round).
  • Competitors are kept in an isolation room before they perform their “on sight” attempt (no isolation in the Qualification round).
  • There are different routes for men and women competitors.

Women's lead top 5


Men's lead top 5


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