Paris 2024

As the clock ticks down to Sport Climbing’s second appearance at the Olympic Games this 5-10 August in Paris, the IFSC is pleased to announce the list of nominated officials for the XXXIII Summer Olympiad.

Four continents are represented in the IFSC Delegation, with women making up 24 percent of the appointees, an increase of seven percent from Tokyo 2020.

Olympian and IFSC General Secretary Piero Rebaudengo and IFSC Sport Operations Manager Hazel Han will lead the 17-person team as International Federation (IF) Delegates. Rebaudengo and Han are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the planning and delivery of the competitions at Paris 2024 operate strictly according to IFSC rules and regulations.

Stanley Yeo of Singapore has been appointed IFSC Event Delegate, a role that will see the experienced World Championship and Asian Games official overseeing sport and event delivery operations.

USA’s Garrett Gregor and Austria’s Martin Hammerer will head the routesetting teams for Boulder and Lead, respectively. Garrett has performed the role on the Road to Paris leading the routesetting at Continental Qualification events while Hammerer spearheaded the European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023 team and took part in the qualification event of the Pan American Games.

The full list of IFSC Officials Nominated for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 is as follows:

  • IF Delegate: Piero Rebaudengo (ITA)
  • IF Delegate: Hazel Han (KOR)
  • IFSC Event Delegate: Stanley Yeo (SGP)
  • IFSC Jury President: Tim Hatch (GBR)
  • IFSC Judge: Karalyn Aronow (USA)
  • IFSC Judge: Nelson Lam (NZL)
  • IFSC Judge: François Leonardon (FRA)
  • IFSC Head Routesetter – Boulder: Garrett Gregor (USA)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Boulder: Tsukasa Mizuguchi (JPN)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Boulder: Olga Niemiec (POL)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Boulder: Tomasz Olesky (POL)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Boulder: Remi Samyn (FRA)
  • IFSC Head Routesetter – Lead: Martin Hammerer (AUT)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Lead: Akito Matsushima (JPN)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Lead: Adam Pustelnik (POL)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Lead: Brad Weaver (USA)
  • IFSC Routesetter – Lead: Jan Zbranek (GER)

The list of delegates for Paris 2024 was approved by the IFSC Executive Board on 15 February.

Led by the IFSC Sport Department in coordination with relevant IFSC Commission bodies and IFSC departments, the officials underwent a thorough selection process, during which they were evaluated based on such criteria as excellence and competencies; development, youth, and gender; and universality.

“I would like to congratulate all the officials on their appointments, and I know this wouldn’t have been an easy decision to finalise this list with such an array of talented people to choose from,” said IFSC President Marco Scolaris.

*“The Olympic Games is seen around the world by billions of people, and although the athletes are in the spotlight, the officials will be performing tasks the majority of those people will never even realise.

“It’s also great to see some of the names that were with us at our first appearance in Tokyo 2020 joining us in Paris, thus helping us grow in the Olympic sphere and passing on their knowledge to widen and strengthen the pool of officials as we continue our journey to LA28 and beyond.”

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