240318 IFSC News - Italy dominate Speed at first European Cup of 2024
European Cup
Gian Luca ZODDA
Franziska RITTER

The first IFSC European Cup of 2024 in Lublin, Poland, awarded the first sets of medals in the women's and men's Speed events. Team Italy finished with an impressive performance, taking three out of six podium positions.

Italy's Gian Luca Zodda led the men's Speed podium after winning the gold medal race with 5.29 seconds, followed by his teammate, Luca Robbiati who fell in the final round and took silver. The bronze went to local athlete Marcin Dzienski of Poland, also with a 5.29-second race in the bronze medal race against Austria's Kevin Amon.

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In the women's Speed final, Franziska Ritter of Germany took the first gold for the season with a great 6.84-second performance in the final. Ritter beat Beatrice Colli of Italy, who finished second with 7.03. Both the fastest time of the event and the bronze medal were won by Aleksandra Miroslaw Poland – current holder of the women's world record – who stopped the clock at 6.38 seconds. An unfortunate fall in the previous round prevented her from competing in the gold medal race.

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The weekend concluded with the first IFSC Youth European Cup, held in the same venue, in a great atmosphere. Italy's Marco Rontini took gold in the men's U20 Speed event with an impressive 5.44-second race, while Daria Marciniak of Poland became the gold medalist in the women's U20 one with 7.97.

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The second IFSC European Cup is scheduled to take place in Klagenfurt, Austria, from 26 to 27 April, and streamed on the IFSC Europe YouTube channel.

News and updates about the events will be availabel on the IFSC website, and on the Federation's digital channels: Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, and exclusively for the Chinese audience, Douyin and Weibo.

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