231130 IFSC News - IFSC European Federations gathered in Bratislava for Plenary Assembly
IFSC Europe

Representatives from 21 Member Federations of the IFSC have travelled to Bratislava, Slovakia, for this year’s IFSC European Plenary Assembly.

The Assembly took place on 17 and 18 November, with three workshops being organised in the up to the meeting. The first one was led by the IFSC Europe Sport Commission, with several different topics being discussed – including but not limited to: the new IFSC Officials’ Career Pathway, presented by IFSC Research & Development Director Silvia Verdolini; and participation quotas at future European events.

The second and third workshops were led by the Development and Sustainability Commissions, respectively. The latter one featured a presentation from Laura Mangold of the Organising Committee of Bern 2023. Mangold presented a report including insights and takeaways from the organisation of this year’s World Championships.

The President of the Slovak Mountaineering Union JAMES, Anton Pacek, addressed the Assembly with the opening speech, while a video message from IFSC President Marco Scolaris was also played to the attending Federations.

A vote to decide the new IFSC Europe Treasurer ended up with the election of Josselin Cazaux of France, now a member of the IFSC European Board presided by Tijl Smitz of Belgium.

Finally, nine of the 12 Federations that organised an event in 2023 were presented with a Sustainability Award, highlighting the importance of sustainable considerations within event planning.

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