240311 IFSC News - IFSC among organisations participating in Sustainability Workshop organised by ASOIF
Sustainability Workshop

Representatives of the IFSC travelled to Lausanne, Switzerland, to participate in the first-ever Sustainability Workshop organised by the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF).

Organised by the ASOIF Sustainability Consultative Group, the event was held on 5 and 6 March, and saw the participation of more than 50 people from 30 International Federations (IF) and organisations.

The Sustainability Workshop touched on pressing issues, including climate risks and best practices to embrace circular economy, and discussed IF-specific challenges and actual examples. Furthermore, the presence of experts, including the United Nations Climate Change secretariat on the Sports for Climate Action framework, the workshop provided participants with an avenue to exchange ideas, and a chance to learn from external perspectives.

Concrete outcomes and take-aways of the Workshop include:

  1. The Consultative Group will develop a sustainability tracking tool for IFs to monitor their progression and develop their current sustainability strategies;
  2. Participants of the Workshop will support and input on a Plan for the Olympic Movement on promoting sustainability which will be presented at the upcoming COP29, the 2024 UN Climate Change Conference;
  3. Additional, online workshops will be scheduled throughout 2024 to follow-up on some of the above action items and on further developing IF sustainability strategies; and
  4. A ll participating IFs will increase communications on their Sports for Climate and for Nature initiatives and future action.

Following the success of the inaugural Sustainability Workshop, it has also been decided to make the event a yearly appointment that will keep International Federations engaged around the important topic, promote joint initiatives, and drive and track progress among ASOIF Members.

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