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Through the Gender Equality Programme of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations, the IFSC was given the opportunity to submit two women from Member Federations offering a comprehensive package of leadership and communications tools to a wider group of women.

This programme complements the leadership, diversity and National Federations' support goals of the IFSC, and a total of 21 women were accepted from 19 countries and took the programme with Coach Gabriela Mueller in November 2021.


Youth high-level sport climbers risk-taking and precautionary behaviours: understanding, comparing and preventing

The IFSC in collaboration with the Aix Marseille University and the Luce, étoile filante association is working on a project to better understand youth athletes' risk-taking and precautionary behaviours. The project is structured in three phases: understanding, comparing, and preventing.

The goal of the first phase is to explore youth high-level climbers risk knowledge, perception and management. Semi-structured interviews and focus-group will be conducted at their training center, and/or during a sports exchange and/or after a European competition. During the second phase, the previously described risk knowledge, perception, and management will be quantitatively measured in a large population of youth climbers aged between 14 and 20. In the final part, a risk education programme will be developed based on the results obtained and tested with participating partners.

Additional information about the programme is available here.

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