Risk & Finance Commission

The Commission is formed by the Executive Board. The mandate and regulations of the Commission are defined in the relevant documents approved by the Executive Board. The purposes of the IFSC Risk & Finance Commission are:

  • To support the development of the IFSC financial strategy as a consequence of structural and functional changes in the Federation;
  • To explore and advise on sustainable financial opportunities; and
  • To make recommendations on risk management protocols.

In December 2021, the Commission released the first version of the IFSC Risk Management Guidelines.

The current composition of the IFSC Finance Commission (2021-2025) is as follows:

Pierre YOUChairFrance
Naomi CLEARYMemberAustralia
Romy HALLERMemberAustria
Paul DORMAARMemberCanada
Mahdi SAMEIMemberIran
Stephane DAVIDMemberNew Zealand

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