The Athletes' Commission is established in the IFSC Statutes, Article 14.2.

The Athletes’ Commission shall:

  • Represent active athletes so as to provide input in the governance of Climbing, including providing advice to the Executive Board on matters affecting the IFSC from the perspective of the athletes. Proposals from the Athletes’ Commission will be put on the agenda of the next Executive Board meeting for approval;
  • Serve as a liaison for the Athletes’ Commissions in the Continental Councils and, as the case may be, the National Federations and assist their establishment;
  • Liaise with the IOC and WADA and other appropriate Athletes’ Commissions; and
  • Elect two representatives – one female and one male – to represent the Athletes Commission in the Executive Board.

The composition and functioning of the Athletes’ Commission are described in the relevant Terms of Reference approved by the General Assembly.

The Commission provides a permanent liaison between active athletes and the IFSC. One female and one male representative, not from the same country, are elected by the Athletes’ Commission as members of the Executive Board. Composition and functioning of the Athletes’ Commission are described in the relevant regulations approved by the General Assembly.

Shauna COXSEYPresident2021-2025Great Britain
Sean MCCOLLVice President2021-2025Canada
Campbell HARRISONMember2023-2027Australia
Jakob SCHUBERTMember2021-2025Austria
Alannah YIPMember2023-2027Canada
Alex KHAZANOVMember2023-2027Israel
Michael PICCOLRUAZMember2021-2025Italy
NONAKA MihoMember2023-2027Japan
Stasa GEJOMember2021-2025Serbia
Ievgeniia KAZBEKOVAMember2023-2027Ukraine
Kyra CONDIEMember2023-2027USA

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