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IFSC membership is open to national organisations governing Sport Climbing in their countries, not to individuals. Applicants must:

  • Be committed to participation without regard to ethnicity, skin colour, religious beliefs, nationality, gender, political views, and sexual orientation;
  • Be organised with a constitution/statutes that are compliant with the principles, values, and objectives of the IFSC, and that are not in conflict with these Statutes or the IFSC Rules and Regulations;
  • Be run according to democratic principles; and
  • Recognise the IFSC as the only international organisation that governs Sport Climbing.


The IFSC welcomes applications for membership throughout the year. Once a complete application is received and in order, it shall be submitted to the Executive Board for approval of the Applicant for provisional membership, to be ratified at the next General Assembly.

The rights and duties of a new member shall come into effect upon provisional approval by the Executive Board, with the exception of the right to vote, which may only be exercised after admission of the Applicant by the General Assembly.

Applications shall be submitted with all documents accompanied by an English translation to the IFSC Office. The documentation required is:

  • A statement of the name and legal entity of the Applicant – an act or certificate of incorporation, or document with similar purpose – and a confirmation of its good financial standing;
  • The official address and contact details of the Applicant;
  • A copy of the current constitution/statutes, and rules and regulations of the Applicant, both in the original language and in English. The Statutes Guide for National Federations was created to assist Applicants in the drafting of their constitution/statutes, and is one of the documents available in this page;
  • A list of the main officers of the Applicant;
  • A list of the Applicant’s active membership – i.e., number of clubs, athletes, coaches, officials;
  • A formal undertaking by the Applicant to observe and abide by the IFSC Statutes, the IFSC Rules and Regulations, the World Anti-Doping Code as well as the jurisdiction and decisions of the Court of Arbitration for Sport. This formal undertaking may be also included directly in the Applicant’s constitution/statutes;
  • A development plan outlining the Applicant’s strategy and objectives for growing Sport Climbing in their country for the following two to four years. The Development Plan Information for National Federations was created to assist Applicants in the drafting of their development plan, and is one of the documents available in this page; and
  • The confirmation of payment of a non-refundable administrative application fee as determined by the Executive Board. This fee will serve as a deposit for the membership fee of the first year, and the sum will be deducted from the membership fee for the first year.

Applications, along with the relevant documentation as indicated above, can be submitted to


  • Competition: the ability to participate in international events such as World Cups, World Championships, Continental Cups, and Continental Championships;
  • Sport promotion: international events provide opportunities for all members to promote Climbing by bringing the best athletes in the world together;
  • Event standards: IFSC events are organised and produced at the highest standards, serving as a model for events at national level, and providing resources that can be reused by national organisations;
  • Hosting: the opportunity to host international events and the administrative, financial, and sport rewards that come with hosting;
  • Rules: standard rules for all Sport Climbing competitions that are used worldwide;
  • Representation: Member Federations have a voice in decision-making processes which affect Sport Climbing globally, nationally and locally;
  • Communication: the IFSC is a forum for international discussion on the development of Sport Climbing and sharing of ideas and expertise. The IFSC shares information about Sport Climbing to its members through its website and email lists.
  • Lobbying: the IFSC promotes Sport Climbing in the international sporting community through its membership in international organisations.
  • World Records: administering world records and the standards by which they are set.
  • Inspiration: athletes that compete internationally often become inspired to get more involved with administration at a local or national level and drive organisations and teams to achieve more.
  • Expansion: the IFSC facilitates the establishment of Sport Climbing in new countries through developing ties with established neighbouring national organisations, supplying administrative advice, and providing models for competition and development. The establishment of new national organisations provides variety in competitions for existing members closer to home, and enriches the cultural experience of Sport Climbing.




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