Hélène Janicot

Hélène Janicot

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When you started competing in international competitions, did you see yourself being in the top-10?
When I started competing at the international competitions, I was looking at the top-10-athletes and I was dreaming of achieving the same victories one day but I never imagined to become one of those athletes.
What motivated you to compete rather than just to climb outside?
Climbing outside and competitions are very different to each other. What I prefer about competing is the fact that everyone has to deal with similar conditions: one day and one try so you have to put everything you have got to give in one try and that’s what I love with competitions.
What influenced you to start competing?
No one influenced me to start competition. I just tried it and because I was good at it and loved it I just took this path.
Who most helped you get to where you are right now?
I always had a lot of people who believed in me and helped me, but my parents are the ones who have supported and helped me since the very beginning. So that’s why I’m right now at the position, it is mostly thanks to them!
What advice could you give to Young Athletes?
I don’t know, I would say work hard and enjoy what you are doing! Also believe in yourself!

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