Marine Thévenet

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Personal details

When you started competing in international competitions, did you see yourself being in the top-10?
I started competing when I was 11 or 12 years old, with the Young French team.
At this age, I didn’t plan or think to my future as a senior competitor. I just wanted to climb and compete and take advantage of every competition seasons. 
What motivated you to compete rather than just to climb outside?
I take pleasure in both: to compete and to climb outside.
But I can’t go outside often enough because of my job, and, since I need short term goal, I focus myself in competition!  
What are some struggles you face as an athlete? 
Recently my main struggle is to be patient with some injuries. Take a break, not climb, it’s very hard for me, even if it’s sometimes necessary.
Being an athlete is also difficult professionally: I can’t live practising climbing (and I don’t want to) so, I need to combine my professional life and my climbing life : it’s difficult but... really rewarding !
What influenced you to start competing?
I started at school with some friends and with my brother. I followed them ;) 
Who most helped you get to where you are right now?
My family, my friends, and all the person I met and who shared with me their vision of climbing. All the person that remind me that it’s the best sport of life!
What advice could you give to Young Athletes?
Competing is both passion and perspective. Sometimes you just need to back down and breathe in order to become better!  

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