More Records Broken in China!

Reza Alipourshenazandifar and Iuliia Kaplina set new Speed world records and won Gold at IFSC World Cup Nanjing this weekend, and Shauna Coxsey and Keita Watabe topped the podium in Bouldering.

After the first stop of the Asian Tour at IFSC World Cup Chongqing last weekend, the best Bouldering and Speed athletes in the world travelled east to Nanjing, China. The temperatures were high again this weekend, but the athletes rose to the challenge!

A competition recap, highlights, replays and more can be found on the Nanjing event page.

 2017 IFSC World Cup Nanjing Bouldering Podium Men

2017 IFSC World Cup Nanjing Speed Podium Women2

2017 IFSC World Cup Nanjing Speed Podium Men2

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