A New Identity for the IFSC

On March 14th, the IFSC held its annual Plenary Assembly and had a surprise in store for its members, unveiling its new corporate logo.

A strong corporate identity in response to the fast development of sport climbing

"This new corporate identity symbolizes the uniqueness and global reach of our sport", says Marco Maria Scolaris, President of the IFSC. Indeed, since its creation in 2007, the IFSC has spearheaded a robust and efficient structuring of its activities, developing an international expertise in climbing competitions and contributing to the fast growth of the sport together with its member national federations.

Verticality, universality and modernity to stand out

This fast growing recognition along with the unique character of the sport led the IFSC to change its logo to be more representative of its current values, international status and abounding development projects.

Anne Fuynel, IFSC Marketing & Communications Director says: "We wanted to develop an identity that appeals to everyone not only to climbers, one that also shows our values. Intrinsic to sport climbing are many solid values to be shared around the world: sport for all, universality, gender equity, healthy body and mind, dynamic, challenging. These values are borne by our athletes who, in addition to their extraordinary performances, are known for being open-minded, respectful and approachable. This new identity represents all these values and is designed to be understood by everyone all over the world." She concludes: "The new logo has been designed to be clear, aerial, universal and promotes gender equity."

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