Japan Airlines

IFSC Official Airline Partner

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL) is the flag carrier airline of Japan and the first Japanese airline to venture overseas. For 65 years, JAL has pursued an incredible determination to support dreams and the people who have them. Now, JAL joins the IFSC in supporting the development of Sport Climbing, which featured at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

JAL aims to pass on a better society to the next generation through the airline business. The company’s “Fostering the Next Generation” programme provides hands-on educational experiences and social welfare to children, and Japan Airlines also supports young athletes by encouraging JAL Mileage Bank members to donate their miles to under-funded sports projects.

JAL also aims to provide outstanding customer service in all they do. With a safety-first mentality, they continuously strive to enhance the convenience, comfort, and punctuality of operations, for every customer to feel a peace of mind and utmost satisfaction when traveling with JAL.

Safety: For a safe and comfortable flight

Flight safety is the foundation and social responsibility of JAL. It is their mission to provide an excellent in-flight experience that is comfortable and - most of all - safe in every situation.

On Time Operations: Valuing customers’ time

Maintaining flight safety and on-time operations is an airline’s vital commitment in gaining the customers’ trust and ensuring their peace of mind. Flying time varies depending on wind direction as well as air traffic situations at the departure and arrivals airports. To maintain on-time operations even under these conditions, every staff member in all operations works efficiently and precisely to ensure a smooth flow throughout the customer journey to, as they like to say at JAL, “make the best baton pass”. They aim to provide the world’s highest level of safety and on-time operations through teamwork across job divisions, and through innovative ideas to continuously improve quality.

Comfort: Offering a more comfortable travel experience

For customers to enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant flight, JAL continuously works to improve both its products and service levels. They aim to offer an exceptional in-flight experience through paying close attention to comfort and convenience from the customers’ standpoint.

Convenience: An extensive route network connecting customers and Japan with the world

A comprehensive route network and convenient flight schedules are important services of an airline. To maximise convenience, they are building a network that connects customers and Japan with the world.

International routes: JAL currently flies to 305 airports in 53 countries (including code-share flights). Through partnerships with other airlines, JAL has expanded and enhanced its routes, frequent flyer programme, and customer service. They hope to continue strengthening their cooperative relationships with other airlines to offer greater convenience for customers visiting Japan and customers who fly through Japan to other countries.

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