The IFSC has officially been granted Full Membership of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) at the 47th ASOIF General Assembly in Lausanne, Switzerland.

IFSC President Marco Scolaris and General Director Piero Rebaudengo, accompanied by Head of General Affairs Erica Ricci, were in attendance as a vote among the 27 International Federations welcomed the IFSC into the ASOIF family.

President Scolaris addressed the attendees following the decision and said: “We’re very pleased to be part of the ASOIF family as Full Members, and of course we will give our contribution the best we can. Thank you for the confidence. I promise you that together we will work to improve the quality of the Olympic future.”

Scolaris continued: “We hope in the constitution of a working group tasked to study a new system of financing for the Full Members including the new sports. We’re currently an additional sport but we have the same duties of all the other members. 

“We have to organise Climbing at the Games and it will be very important to keep in consideration the transition between being an additional sport and a programme sport, from Paris to Los Angeles.”

Previously an Associate Member of ASOIF, the inclusion of Sport Climbing on the full programme for the LA28 Olympic Games allowed the IFSC to apply for Full Membership in the umbrella body for the Summer Olympic International Federations. 

With its inception in 1983 and celebrating its 40th anniversary, ASOIF also welcomed in fellow Olympic Games newcomers World Skate and the International Surf Association alongside the IFSC at the General Assembly. 

The ASOIF General Assembly is a fantastic opportunity for representatives of the Summer International Federations to network outside of Games’ time while discussing important issues regarding future editions of the Games, including Olympic revenue sharing schemes. 

In addition to the membership vote there were reports from the International Olympic Committee, Paris 2024, and LA28, with attendees also receiving updates from the Youth Olympic Games Dakar 2026, the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Testing Authority.

IFSC Press Release

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