As a busy 2022 climbing season comes to a close, the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) is turning its focus to institutional matters, with the second IFSC Climbing Summit and Commissions’ Meetings set to be held this November in Torino, Italy.

The II IFSC Climbing Summit, scheduled for 25 and 26 November, will bring together representatives from the IFSC National Federations and other stakeholders to discuss the last two years of activities and the future of the organisation and sport.

The Summit will be heavily athlete-oriented, with invites already extended to Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medallists Janja Garnbret of Slovenia and Alberto Ginés López of Spain.

Members of the IFSC Executive Board, the IFSC Governance and Finance Commissions, the Chairs of the Commissions, and several other stakeholders will also be present.

The IFSC Strategic Plan will be used as a basis for the sessions, centring on the many initiatives that have already been implemented and other accomplishments, as well as areas in which improvements can still be made. The future of the IFSC and Sport Climbing will also be addressed, with delegates invited to offer their opinions and ideas to make the meetings as interactive and productive as possible.

“With the Summit, we create an opportunity for all our stakeholders to gather in one place to discuss the past, present, and future of our sport and organisation. Our Climbing Summit is meant to be an informal and interactive event, where everyone is encouraged to provide their input,” said IFSC President Marco Scolaris. “For this second edition, we are particularly glad to celebrate our Tokyo 2020 gold medallists, Janja and Alberto. May their presence and stories be of inspiration for all the participants, in view of the challenges that being an Olympic sport is bringing.”

The Summit will be followed by an IFSC Executive Board meeting on 27 November.

The IFSC will also host its annual Commissions’ Meetings on 9 and 10 November in Torino, where members from the 11 subject matter areas will gather, both in person and online, to discuss issues of key importance.

The IFSC Commissions’ Meetings, which were successfully trialled last year, are a platform for in-depth discussions on subjects ranging from appeals and finances to marketing and anti-doping. The Commissions are an integral part of the IFSC, providing valuable feedback to the Executive Board.

Looking ahead to 2023, the first IFSC Executive Board meeting of the year is scheduled for January in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne, Switzerland. It will be followed by the XIX IFSC General Assembly in Singapore in March.

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