A panel of some of the most experienced climbing hold producers from across the industry has been set up to discuss the future of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) speed holds.

The IFSC-led panel aims to create specifications and launch new official IFSC speed holds which will contribute to the development of the sport.

The panel will run a series of meetings regarding the official IFSC speed holds, starting with the specifications, technology, and quality control needed for the creation of future requirements.

Composed of the most experienced climbing holds producers who expressed an interest to join the project, the panel will be moderated by IFSC Event Officer Alessandro Di Cato in order to create a fair and efficient environment.

The composition of the panel is the following:

  • Kobinata Toru, IFSC Vice President;
  • Alessandro Di Cato, IFSC Event Officer;
  • Jan Zbranek, IFSC Routesetter;
  • Brice Anziutti, Artline;
  • Benoit Beylier, EP;
  • Stéphane Dugit, Volx;
  • Mark English, Rockcity;
  • Sebastian Flemmig, Blocz;
  • Daniel French, Composite-X;
  • Toni Llopis, Euroholds; and
  • Jaka Schlamberger, Schlamberger.

IFSC Vice President Kobinata Toru said: The level of expertise accumulated from private companies around the world will help the IFSC, and the entire industry, to take a step forward in both technology and production.”

“Through the support of the best experts in the world, the IFSC can lead a fair and open tender process for the production of official IFSC speed holds.”

The expected timeline for the launch of the new official IFSC speed hold is early January 2025 with discussions starting immediately to ensure specifications can be finalised and adequate testing can be made on the new product ahead of time.

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