Following the opening events of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) 2021 Youth World Championships yesterday, the action continued in Voronezh, Russia, today, with Boulder and Lead qualifications.

Almost 90 athletes (45 women and 44 men) participated in the Youth B Lead qualifications, competing for a spot in tomorrow’s semi-finals. In the women’s event, 14-year-old Anastasia Sanders of the USA achieved two tops, placing joint first alongside the Czech Republic’s Barbora Bernardova (15) and Meije Lerondel (14) of France, who also secured a top on both routes. The trio will progress to the Youth B women’s Lead semi-final with 23 other young athletes.

In the Youth B men’s event, the USA’s Hugo Hoyer (14) and Dillon Countryman (15), Sorato Anraku (14) of Japan, the Czech Republic’s Lukas Mokrolusky (13), Germany’s Finn Altemöller (15), Raffael Gruber (15) of Austria, and Max Bertone (14) of France, will all compete in tomorrow’s semi-final after achieving two tops.

France’s Mejdi Schalck (17), who won a silver medal at the 2021 IFSC Boulder World Cup in Salt Lake City, USA, placed first in the Youth A men’s Boulder qualification round. Schalck secured four tops and six zones in the opening Boulder event of the championships, earning a spot in the semi-final. The USA’s Isaac Leff (17) and Haruki Uemura (17) of Japan will follow Schalck into the next round in second and third place, respectively. Uemura earned a silver medal in Lead at the 2019 IFSC Youth World Championships – could he add another medal to his collection in Voronezh?

In the Junior men’s Boulder qualification round, Great Britain’s Hamish McArthur (19) planted himself firmly at the top of the scoreboard with five tops and six zones. Eliot Barnabé (18) of France and Japan’s Ao Yurikusa (18) both established four tops and six zones, ranking second and third respectively in the opening round. Yurikusa bagged a gold medal in Boulder at the 2019 Youth World Championships, as well as a combined gold medal. Will he maintain his Youth Boulder title in 2021, or could 2019 silver medallist McArthur snatch the spot at the top of the podium?

The Youth B Lead semi-finals for both men and women will commence at 10:00 AM (UTC+3:00) tomorrow, followed by Youth A and Junior men’s Boulder semi-finals from 12:30 PM. Tune in live on YouTube here. Lead qualifications for Youth A and Junior women will also take place tomorrow.

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