The 2020 IFSC Plenary Assembly was initially scheduled to take place in Limassol (CYP) from March 13 to 14.

As soon as the COVID-19 outbreak started hitting different countries all around the world, however, the International Federation of Sport Climbing promptly decided to postpone its yearly meeting with all Member Federations until a later date.

Given the extraordinary circumstances, the Executive Board decided to hold a first 2020 Plenary Assembly in writing on May 29, without the physical presence of its members, according to Article 6b of the Swiss Federal Council Ordinance on Measures to Combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19), published on March 13.

At the in-writing Assembly only a selected number of topics will be addressed, specifically: the minutes of the IFSC Plenary Assembly 2019; the Financial Reports 2019 and the revised Provisional Budget 2020.

Invitations to the Assembly have been sent on May 8, while a Q&A session on the selected topics took place on May 20. The deadline to return the ballot papers expires on Tuesday 26 May, at 11:59 pm (UTC+2:00). This Friday at 2:00 pm, the IFSC Member Federations will meet in teleconference for the count of the votes and the announcement of results.

The IFSC Plenary Assembly scheduled for November 13 and 14 is confirmed for the time being.

200525 IFSC Photo NewsIFSC President Marco Scolaris at the Plenary Assembly 2019 in Tokyo (JPN)

IFSC Plenary Assembly

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