IFSC President Attends Milan Climbing Expo

Friday 31st January to Saturday 1st February 2020 saw the third edition of the Milan Climbing Expo take place in the Urban Wall of Milan, Italy. IFSC President Marco Maria Scolaris was invited to attend the expo as guest of honour, to discuss the development of climbing alongside President of the Federazione Arrampicata Sportiva Italiana (FASI), Davide Battistella.

When interviewed, President Scolaris commented on the growth and infinite passion within the Sport Climbing community: “Even as we’re watching athletes compete at the Milan Expo there are still other climbers who cannot stop climbing on the surrounding walls, sharing the experience with a privileged view from above. Climbing is a 24/7 lifestyle, once you start you never stop.”

IFSC President Milan Climbing Expo 2020

Photo: Edoardo Limonta

“The process to include Sport Climbing within the Olympic programme was not easy but thanks to the quality and strength of our sport, we are now taking our final steps towards the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. As our sport is a young sport – a sport for everyone – the IFSC is extremely grateful to the community who has always been source of inspiration in the long journey towards the five rings. We are proud to be part of our new Olympic family,” added Scolaris.

The Expo’s Bouldering and Lead competitions were attended by many top athletes from the international Sport Climbing circuit.

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