IFSC Hosts First IFSC Climbing Summit

The first IFSC Climbing Summit took place on 14th December 2019 in Torino, Italy following a two-day IFSC Executive Board meeting.

It was the perfect occasion for the IFSC Executive Board and participating federations to meet an discuss various topics, including governance ethics, sport development, events, and the Olympic Games.

The following federation representatives attended the IFSC Climbing Summit:

  • Lynn Robinson – British Mountaineering Council (GBR)
  • Daniel Marbacher – Swiss Alpine Club (SUI)
  • Dmitrii Bychkov – Climbing Federation of Russia (RUS)
  • Evgenii Chernyshev – Climbing Federation of Russia (RUS)
  • Guowei Li – Chinese Mountaineering Association (CHN)
  • Tijl Smitz – Climbing and Mountaineering Belgium (BEL)
  • Robby Toth – Climbing and Mountaineering Belgium (BEL)
  • Pavlos Georgiades – Cyprus Mountaineering Climbing & Orienteering Federation (CYP)
  • Burgi Beste – Deutscher Alpenverein (GER)
  • Olaf Tabor – Deutscher Alpenverein (GER)
  • Davide Manzoni – Federazione Arrampicata Sportica Italiana (ITA)
  • Luc Chabrol – Federation Francaise de la montagne et de l’escalade (FRA)
  • Pierre You - Federation Francaise de la montagne et de l’escalade (FRA)
  • Jaka Hidayat – Federasi Panjat Tebing Indonesia (INA)
  • Sapto Hardiono – Federasi Panjat Tebing Indonesia (INA)
  • Kuniaki Yagihara – Japan Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation (JPN)
  • Shinji Mizumura - Japan Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation (JPN)
  • Nack Soo Kim – Korean Alpine Federation (KOR)
  • Eugen Burtscher – Kletterverband Osterreich (AUT)
  • Michael Schöpf – Kletterverband Osterreich (AUT)
  • Marc Norman – USA Climbing (USA)
  • Aleš Pirc – Alpine Association of Slovenia (SLO)
  • Jure Golob – Alpine Association of Slovenia (SLO)

“I have had this idea in mind for three or four years, but, for various reasons, it could never see the light. For me, to share visions and projects with the IFSC major NFs is essential for the development of the sport. We had (and have) a lot to learn from each other, in the most genuine climbing tradition. It was the case: different feelings, cultures, opinions were brought on board, on the same boat, heading to the magic of the first Olympic Games for us, in Tokyo. Hopes and challenges went together and after this first Climbing Summit, we feel stronger and ready for 2020.”  said IFSC President Marco Scolaris.

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