IFSC Continental Councils Meet to Discuss Strategy

IFSC Continental Councils came together last week, on 22nd and 24th October, to review their roles, prepare for the 2020 season, and discuss the IFSC Strategic Plan. Led by IFSC Secretary General Debbie Gawrych, Presidents of the Asian, European, Oceanian and Pan-American Continental Councils, as well as representatives from Africa and IFSC Staff members, participated in the meetings.

Following a welcome from IFSC President Marco Maria Scolaris, key objectives of the IFSC Strategic Plan were raised to ensure that all continents are aligned with the IFSC’s vision moving forward. Items presented during the IFSC Strategic Planning workshop which took place in Arco, Italy, during the IFSC Youth World Championships 2019, were put forward, before the Continental Councils and continental representatives were offered the chance to comment and provide their own input.

“As the IFSC and Sport Climbing as a whole grows, it’s important that all branches of our Federation follow the same path. Therefore, strong communication with IFSC Continental Councils, Member Federations, athletes, and other stakeholders is the key to the success of our sport,” says IFSC Secretary General Debra Gawrych.

The meetings were also an opportunity for the continents to plan for the continental events which are to be held in 2020, including a series of Championships which will see the final set of Sport Climbing athletes qualify for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Matters of governance were finally considered, with participants reviewing Continental Statutes, membership, finances and transparency.

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