IFSC Climbing World Championships 2019 Qualifications to be Live-Streamed

As the IFSC World Championships get underway, the IFSC is pleased to announce that the qualification rounds for each event—Boulder, Lead, Speed and Combined—will be lived-streamed without commentary internationally.

The qualifications are now available to watch live and in replay format on the official IFSC Climbing World Championships website.

Qualification Schedule (GMT+9):

Sunday 11th August
10.00-15.05: Bouldering Qualification Women (replay available)

Monday 12th August
10.00-15.40: Bouldering Qualification Men (replay available)

Wednesday 14th August
10.00-19.45: Lead Qualification Men & Women

Saturday 17th August
12.30-16.00: Speed Qualification Men & Women

Sunday 18th August
11.00-11.30: Combined Speed Qualification Women
12.10-14.25: Combined Bouldering Qualification Women
16.25-18.05: Combined Lead Qualification Women

Monday 19th August
11.00-11.30: Combined Speed Qualification Men
12.10-14.25: Combined Bouldering Qualification Men
16.25-18.05: Combined Lead Qualification Men

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