Sport Climbing’s First Olympic Qualified Athletes

After a series of long back-to-back days in the IFSC World Championships 2019 featuring all three Sport Climbing disciplines – Speed, Lead and Boulder – the IFSC is pleased to announce the first group of Olympic qualified athletes in the history of...

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NARASAKI Continues to Dominate

The excitement of the Olympic qualification shaped a thrilling competition with the athletes fighting to the last hold to get a ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

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Another Record Broken By Garnbret

The second to last event of the IFSC Climbing World Championship Hachioji 2019 took place on August 20 with the Women’s Combined Finals. The intense battle for the final women’s gold of the World Championships followed an exhausting day of qualifications...

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Gold for Poland and Italy

The seventh day of the IFSC Climbing World Championships featured Speed Climbing and a final full of fast climbers hoping to set a new world record. The qualifications held some impressively fast times with nine of the women coming in under 8 seconds...

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Two Reclaimed World Championship Titles

The fifth day of the IFSC Climbing World Championships Hachioji 2019 featured the Lead semi-finals and finals. With a lead wall that was marginally shorter than average, the routesetters created some inspiring traverses to make up the distance and...

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IFSC Executive Board Teleconference August 2019

As the first medals of the IFSC Climbing World Championships 2019 were presented in Hachioji, Japan, this afternoon (13th August) the IFSC Executive Board came together for their monthly teleconference, discussing developments within the ever-evolving...

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Garnbret's Winning Streak Continues

Coming out of a difficult semi-final round, where only four of the twenty competitors managed to complete a route, the first finals round of this year’s World Championship was highly anticipated.

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Time to Climb

This week not only marks the start of the IFSC Climbing World Championships Hachioji 2019 but the first official Olympic qualifying event in the history of Sport Climbing. Over 253 athletes from 39 different countries are registered to compete in the...

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#ClimbToTokyo: One Year To Go!

Today, 24 July 2019, officially marks one year until the start of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games and Sport Climbing’s debut on the Olympic Stage. To celebrate this momentous point in time, the International Olympic Committee held a ceremony at...

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Another Gold for SEO, 4 Medals for Japan

The competition in Briançon was the third event in as many weeks and featured plenty of crimpy holds and endurance heavy routes that pushed the climbers to their limits to yield fewer ties than its predecessors.

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