IFSC Welcomes Venue Delegate to the Team

The IFSC is pleased to welcome Federico Ferro as Venue Delegate. Working alongside the IFSC Marketing & Communications and Sport Departments and collaborating with Event Organisers and Technical Delegates, Federico will attend each event in the IFSC calendar to improve the conditions for Broadcasters, Sponsors and Spectators.


Plenary Assembly week closes with EB meeting

Following a busy week and a historic Plenary Assembly in Tokyo, Japan, the IFSC Board and Staff came together for a final morning of meetings on Sunday, allowing for an in depth debrief of the week. The meeting, which focused on the decisions made at the Plenary Assembly on Saturday, was also a chance for the Executive Board to set a clear roadmap for the months ahead.


2019 IFSC Plenary Assembly kicks off in Tokyo

Representatives from IFSC Member Federations including Australia (SCA), Germany (DAV), Great Britain (BMC), Nepal (NMA), and host nation Japan (JMSCA) to name a few, as well as IFSC staff and Board members arrived at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo today to kick off the events leading up to the 14th Annual Plenary Assembly this Saturday.


Tokyo 2020 celebrates #500daystogo

The Tokyo 2020 Organising committee celebrated 500 days until the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics on March 12, 2019 by releasing both the pictograms of the sports in the program and details about the torch run to be held before the event.


IFSC President Meets BMC President at the CWIF 2019

On the occasion of the CWIF (Climbing Works International Festival) 2019, one of the UK’s top Bouldering competitions which sees international Athletes go head to head with members of the British public, IFSC President Marco Maria Scolaris visited Sheffield, UK.


IFSC Officials Make Final Preparations for the 2019 Season

The Annual IFSC Officials Seminar took place on 16-17th February in Turin, Italy, home to the IFSC Headquarters. IFSC Officials including Technical Delegates, Jury Presidents, Judges and Routesetters joined IFSC President Marco Maria Scolaris, along with members of the IFSC Executive Board and Staff, to make final preparations ahead of the upcoming 2019 season which will start in Meiringen, Switzerland on 5th April.

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