Tuesday, 10 July 2018 12:17

La Chaine L’Equipe Broadcasts IFSC World Cup Vail

The French television channel la chaine L’Équipe, launched in 1998 and now the largest sports channel in France, now broadcasts multiple Sport Climbing events in 2018.

Most recently, Alex Puccio's thrilling conclusion to IFSC World Cup Vail and all the Bouldering finals was broadcast delayed on la chaine Equipe last week on July, 5th.  The final round of the opener to the IFSC World Cup season in Meiringen  was also broadcast delayed on la chaine L’Équipe, which aired the split finals on its online platform on April, 21st.

Following this success, la chaine L’Équipe has agreed to provide delayed coverage of additional  IFSC World Cup events this year, including both Lead and Speed finals in Chamonix and the Bouldering grand finale in Munich. Chamonix will be the first time an IFSC World Cup event in France is broadcast by a French broadcasting company.

“This development represents a major step forward for Sport Climbing in France and internationally. la chaine L’Équipe is watched by millions of viewers, which can be only positive when looking forward to future Olympic opportunities,”  says Pierre-Henri Paillasson, IFSC Vice-President Treasurer and Finances.

Stay tuned to the IFSC homepage for news about upcoming broadcasts from la chaine L’Équipe.

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