Monday, 30 October 2017 15:50

IFSC Continues to Expand Global Exposure of Sport Climbing

The IFSC continues to expand the exposure of its monthly 26-minute highlight programmes in 2017, bringing the best of sport climbing to new audiences on all five continents.

The 26-minute highlight programmes are produced by the IFSC with English commentary and are sent to TV and online broadcasters around the globe. For the 2017 season, each episode dives into all three disciplines of the most recent IFSC World Cup and Youth World Championship events and highlights the climbing and lifestyles of elite athletes competing at this highest level of sport climbing.

IFSC President Marco Scolaris commented on the growth:

“We are proud to send the excitement and values of sport climbing to more regions around the globe. Our goal has always been to develop sport climbing worldwide, and this show is one hold of that long climb. Now, more eyes than ever in Africa, Asia and all over can watch the inspiring performances and character of IFSC athletes. We can’t wait to see the positive effect this continued growth will have on our sport and, eventually, the competitions.”

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