(BOULDER – Lead – Speed)

The European Championships are held every two years. The last European Championships took place in Moscow, Russia, in December 2020.

European Youth Championships
(Boulder – LEAD – Speed)

The European Youth Championships are held every year in Lead, Speed, and Boulder.

European Youth Championships 2019 Overall Results

European Cup
(Boulder – LEAD – Speed)

The European cups (adults) started in 2013.

IFSC Europe is currently trying to push the organisation of such events. These are the main guidelines for organising European Cups:

  • The rules are similar to those for European youth cups (for further details see the IFSC Europe Rules).
  • Prize money is not mandatory. If it is provided, prize money shall be award to the top three climbers at a minimum.
  • The registration fee is an individual competitor fee divided in two: 15 euros paid to IFSC Europe (via invoice to the National Federation) and 15 euros maximum paid to the organiser (at the registration desk on site of the competition).
  • The calendar fee to be paid by the organiser is 500 euros per discipline.

European Youth Cup
(Boulder – LEAD – Speed)

The results of the 2019 European Youth Cup can be accessed via the following links.

The results of the 2018 European Youth Cup can be accessed via the following links.

Regional European competitions

  • Adults or Youth
  • These competitions are recognised by the IFSC European Council in order to help the development of Sport Climbing. They are not included in any European ranking.
  • National Federations can group together in one event and may organise their national championships or competitions within this event.
  • No specific rules are mandatory but event rules must be sent to the regional representative and validated by the Executive Board.
  • International licenses are not required, but national licenses are mandatory with the individual insurance required in the hosting country.
  • Open to all the relevant competitors of the European region as defined in the IFSC European Council regulations, and only these competitors.

European promotional events

Promotional events, festivals, outdoor meetings, etc. are held under the same conditions as the IFSC promotional events.

New events

New events with new formats could arise and be tested in Europe.

Event Applications


  • European Youth Cups 2021 - 2023
  • European Youth Championships 2021 - 2023
  • European Championships 2022 & 2024
  • European Cups 2021 - 2023
  • Multi-years Events from 2021 onwards
  • Other European Competitions (e.g. Paraclimbing)


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