Nathaniel Coleman

Age: 23 (1997)
Hometown: Murray
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Personal details

When you started competing in international competitions, did you see yourself being in the top-10?
Perhaps I could have seen myself making top ten in a single competition, but not in the overall ranking.
What motivated you to compete rather than just to climb outside?
I was introduced to climbing through a competitive youth team, so my roots in the sport are based on training for competition. At this point in my climbing, its natural and a lot of fun to compete at any level, so I do as many competitions as I can.
What are some struggles you face as an athlete?
I have a lot of trouble transitioning to lead climbing after a season of bouldering or vice versa since I'm never as strong as I once was in that discipline. Although I enjoy training and seeing the fruits of my labor, I'm impatient and can sometimes feel unmotivated during the transition period.
What influenced you to start competing?
It's what I've done since I began climbing. By nature I'm very competitive, so even if I hadn't been introduced to it, I think I would have gravitated towards it at some point.
Who most helped you get to where you are right now?
Coaches and teammates that pushed me to become stronger, a competitive spirit while training, and living in Utah where there is a ton of good rock and a high concentration of top-of-the-line climbing gyms.
What advice could you give to Young Athletes?
Never take yourself too seriously. It will makes victories seem mundane and failures harder to learn from.

Cliff jumping, Frisbee, long-boarding

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