Succession Planning and Gender Equity in Sport Climbing (Administration and Competition)

Project/Policy/Event title:

Gender Equality for 2018

Implementation date:

July, 2018


National Federations, athletes as well as the Commissions and Board of the IFSC and sponsor partners

Project/Policy overview:

We started with gender equity in our sport with having equal prize money for men and women from the very beginning. Additionally, we have equal participation from men and women and equal exposure during our competitions. We also believe it is important to have gender equity in the administration of our sport.

A strategic plan was created to develop gender equity in the administration of sport climbing at both the National and International levels of the IFSC. We encourage gender equity on our technical commissions. Currently two women sit on the Executive Board of the IFSC. We are currently seeking to add more exposure to decision making in our organization through Ad Hoc Working Groups.

Two groups that are headed by women are: Paraclibing (Maiike Romjin, Netherlands) and The Governance Working Group ((Leslie Baxter.) Our plan is to look for and develop leadership and talent for both genders; focusing specifically on female athletes and female national leaders to move into leadership positions at the international level. We are succeeding in our strategic plan began in 2016.

Additionally, the IFSC Officers and Continental Council Presidents are working to promote gender equity at the National Federation level encouraging involvement of women in official, administrative and political governance capacity. There has been a large shift in the number of women in attendance at the annual Plenary Assembly and in official training course.

The IFSC staff is currently 57% female.

Please contact me at the following email address if you are interested in additional information or would like to be a part of the gender equity program with the IFSC.

Contact Information:

Ms. Debra Gawrych, Secretary-General, IFSC, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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