Climbing Promotion in Africa

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Promote Climbing in Africa


Burkina Faso

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F.A.S.I (Federazione Arrampicata Sportiva Italiana) in collaboration with the NGO ACRA. The work of F.A.S.I is included in an ACRA project: “Tourism strategies for fighting poverty in Burkina Faso, Ecuador and Tanzania” financed by the European Union.

Project/Policy overview:

One of the most important social purpose of the IFSC is to create Climbing Federations in Africa. From 31st October 2010 to 12th November 2011, Clara Maria Cristaudo (Delegation leader of F.A.S.I ) and the Technical Expert, Giorgio Ferretti, were in the region of Diapaga (South-East of Burkina Faso between the two most important national parks) in order to:

    • study and equip a natural climbing center,
    • locate a place for a climbing wall,
    • organize a climbing stage for the local people.

The mission reached the goal and on June and July 2011 Pascal Ouoba Souglimpo was invited to Italy by the F.A.S.I for:

        • A personal climbing stage in the F.A.S.I National Youth Center of San Giustino (Perugia).
        • Participation with the Italian Team to the Arco di Trento World Championship and first Paraclimbing Championship.
        • When he came back to Burkina he was invited to attend and to speak about climbing in a National Sport Congress
        • During a Peace and Sport International Forum, the F.A.S.I met the Ministry of Sport of Burkina in order to discuss about a Climbing Federation in his country.

F.A.S.I and ACRA also received the collaboration of Arco di Trento, Sint Rock, Smoke and the Municipality of Cortona for the presentation of the project during the International Fair Play Mecenate Premium 2010.  


The Burkina Faso project has been selected as one of the top 3 worldwide projects in the year 2013. The nomination, received at the International Forum 2013, highlights the results achieved from the project and its impact on the field.

Next step:
      • Transportation of a climbing wall in the region of Diapaga in the center of the park to be used by the local youth and tourists.
Contact Information:

Paola Gigliotti - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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