IFSC Athlete Career Program

Project/Policy/Event title:

IFSC Athlete Career Program


University campuses: Annecy - Lyon (France) and Shanghai (China). Open to athletes worldwide.

Implementation date:

July 2012


"Outdoor Sports Valley", an organization as well as an expression that refers to both a region and a cluster of industries dedicated to outdoor sports. This area spans the Alps from Grenoble to Innsbruck, and encompasses tens of thousands of employees from the sports and recreation industries, the headquarters of most outdoor industry companies, and represents one of the planet's most unique playgrounds.

Outdoor Sports Valley is proposing 2 educations programs (MSc in “Sports and Outdoor Industry Management” and Bachelor’s Degree in “Performance Sports Textile & Footwear”) for students wishing to join the outdoor industry.


Project/Policy overview:

The IFSC launched the Athlete Career Program to assist the athletes in making the transition from the sport to the professional field. The program relies on two complementary objectives that are often hard to achieve for elite athletes: access to education programs adapted to athletes’ constraints as well as access to selected job opportunities. These two objectives will be achieved through partnerships with universities and companies that recognize athletes’ value.

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Jérôme Meyer: send email

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