IFSC Continental Councils Meet to Discuss Strategy

IFSC Continental Councils came together last week, on 22nd and 24th October, to review their roles, prepare for the 2020 season, and discuss the IFSC Strategic Plan. Led by IFSC Secretary General Debbie Gawrych, Presidents of the Asian, European, Oceanian...

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IFSC Meets with Tokyo 2020 Team in Japan

The first of a three-day meeting between the IFSC and the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (TOCOG) took place today in Tokyo, Japan. In the final countdown to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, IFSC President Marco Maria Scolaris,...


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IFSC Welcomes Bookkeeper to the Team

The IFSC is pleased to welcome Simona De Mari to the team as Bookkeeper. Reporting to IFSC Administration Director Francesca Jengo, Simona will be responsible for supporting the Administration Department with daily bookkeeping tasks and making travel...

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Lead World Cup Crowns New Season Champions

The fast-paced IFSC Lead World Cup 2019 season completed half of the planned events in under one month before taking a break, leaving fans hanging to see how the season would end and who would find a spot on the final podium. The last three events...

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Attention : Perfect Descent Recall

As of October 21, 2019, the maker of Perfect Descent Auto Belays, C3 Manufacturing has announced a voluntary recall associated with the retraction springs in certain Model 220 Perfect Descent Auto Belays.

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Unbeatable Ondra and Seo

The Lead finals in Xiamen were tight with an unbelievable number of ties recorded at the end of the previous round. As the wall was not as steep as ones from prior competitions, the setters needed to be creative to challenge the climbers leading to...

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