2014 Combined World Championship Medalists

2014 Combined World Championship Medalists ©Elias Holzknecht

Here are the results of the combined ranking for the 2014 IFSC World Championships.


Final Results MEN CombinedFinal Results WOMEN Combined
1 McColl Sean CAN 1 Durif Charlotte FRA
2 Hojer Jan GER 2 Klingler Petra SUI
3 Alban Levier FRA 3 Markovic Mina SLO
4 Tauporn Thomas GER 4 Fakhritdinova Dinara RUS
5 Skofic Domen SLO 5 Bacher Barbara AUT
6 Midtboe Magnus NOR 6 Pazan Flor de Luna COL
7 Jubes Angarita Marco Antionio ESP        
8 Bernal Anghelo COL        

Only climbers who competed in all three discplines (Lead, Speed, and Boulder) of both IFSC World Championships Munich 2014 and IFSC World Championships Gijon 2014 were included in the Combined ranking.

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