Announcing the IFSC schedule for the 2014 season

The IFSC is happy to announce the schedule for the 2014 Sport Climbing Season. We will kick off the season on April 26th – 27th at the IFSC Climbing World Cup in Chongqing with Bouldering and Speed Climbing.

The Bouldering season will run until late June, while the Speed season will continue on until mid-October. The Lead season will start later in the year, with the IFSC Climbing World Cup in Haiyang on June 20th-22nd, and will run through mid-November.

The IFSC is also excited to announce that the IFSC Climbing World Championships, which occur every two years, will take place this year in Munich, Germany and Gijon, Spain. Bouldering is scheduled for August 21st through 23rd at the IFSC Climbing World Championship in Munich. Lead, Speed and Paraclimbing will all take place at the IFSC Climbing World Championships in Gijon on September 8th through the 14th.


April 26-27: IFSC Climbing World Cup Chongqing 2014 – Bouldering and Speed
May 3-4: IFSC Climbing World Cup Baku 2014 – Bouldering and Speed
May 10-11: IFSC Climbing World Cup Grindelwald 2014 – Bouldering
May 16-17: IFSC Climbing World Cup Innsbruck 2014 – Bouldering
May 31-June 1: IFSC Climbing World Cup Toronto 2014 – Bouldering
June 6-7: IFSC Climbing World Cup Vail 2014 – Bouldering
June 20-22: IFSC Climbing World Cup Haiyang 2014 – Lead, Speed, and Bouldering
June 27-28: IFSC Climbing World Cup Laval 2014 – Bouldering
July 10-12: IFSC Climbing World Cup Chamonix 2014 – Lead and Speed
July 19-20: IFSC Climbing World Cup Briançon 2014 – Lead
August 1-2: IFSC Climbing World Cup Imst 2014 – Lead
August 21-23: IFSC Climbing World Championship Munich 2014 – Bouldering
August 30-31: IFSC Climbing World Cup Arco 2014 – Speed
September 8-14: IFSC Climbing World Championship Gijon 2014 – Lead, Speed, and Paraclimbing
September 20-24: IFSC Youth Climbing World Championship Noumea 2014 – Lead and Speed
October 11-12: IFSC Climbing World Cup Mokpo 2014 – Lead and Speed
October 18-19: IFSC Climbing World Cup Wujiang 2014 – Lead and Speed
October 25-26: IFSC Climbing World Cup Inzai 2014 – Lead
November 15-16: IFSC Climbing World Cup Kranj 2014 – Lead

Natural, spontaneous, spectacular, in the air... No tools, just hands and feet. This is the sport of climbing that you will experience on every smartphone, tablet, PC all along the 2014 season. For the 5th year, the IFSC events will be live on the web, as well as on other TV platforms. Live video of all the events will be streamed on the IFSC homepage with automatically updated live results and live twitter streams. In addition to dedicated live tweeting of the events, there will be coverage of the event on the official IFSC Facebook page, and the official IFSC Google+ page linked to the IFSC YouTube channel. The IFSC has worked on improving its digital platforms to provide the best event viewing experience for its fans.

Access the full calendar here.

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