The IFSC Executive Board met today in teleconference at 1:00 pm (UTC+1:00).

At the beginning of the meeting, IFSC President Marco Scolaris reported on the conference call he attended along with IOC President Thomas Bach, the presidents of all the Summer Olympic Federations and the ASOIF. In the call, the IOC addressed the current global situation and confirmed the commitment to have the 2020 Olympic Games starting on July 24.

The IFSC President also gave a brief update on the ongoing situation at the TAS in Lausanne (SUI).


After the postponement of a number of competitions, the IFSC set its priority on the rescheduling of the four remaining continental championships before June 30.

The IFSC also set a deadline on May 15 for the confirmation that each competition can be held. If any of the four championships could not be held, the updated Qualification System ensures that the Continental quota places will be awarded according to the ranking of the 2019 IFSC Climbing World Championships.


The IFSC President stated that the most important thing for the Federation is the health and safety of its athletes, officials, organisers and staff members.

At the same time, the IFSC is fully committed to restart its calendar as soon as possible, avoiding any cancelation and rescheduling all the competitions at a later date. The IFSC Sport Department, the National Federations, the 2020 Event Organisers and the IFSC Athletes Commission are already working on the framework of the new calendar.


As the re-arrangement of the calendar will have an impact on the cash flow of the federation, the IFSC will implement a spending review, assuring a smooth management of activities in the coming months.


Considering that the scenario in which the IFSC is moving can change on a daily basis, the Executive Board agreed on having weekly meetings every Thursday at 1:00 pm (UTC+1:00).

In the coming days, the IFSC President will call a teleconference with representatives of all the Member Federations, to share information and feelings.


Finally, the IFSC President updated the board on the current management of corporate communications, also saying that the IFSC social media platforms will keep publishing and updating the climbing community with alternative series of contents, focusing on the ones coming from its own athletes.

IFSC Executive Board

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