Janja Garnbret Makes Top 10 in Athlete of the Year Race

Slovenian Sport Climbing athlete Janja Garnbret was one of 25 athletes nominated for The World Games Athlete of the Year 2019 and now, she’s made the top 10 shortlist of athletes continuing the race for the title. 

IFSC Janja Garnbret Athlete of the Year 2019

Janja Garnbret tackles W2 in the IFSC Bouldering World Cup Moscow 2019. Photo: Eddie Fowke - IFSC.

Voting commenced on 8th January and from today, only the 10 athletes with the highest number of votes will continue in the competition to be crowned Athlete of the Year: 

  • Rani (Hockey, IND) 109,179 
  • Stanislav Horuna (Karate, UKR) 62,628 
  • Rhaea Stinn (Powerlifting, CAN) 29,689 
  • Janja Garnbret (Sport Climbing, SLO) 22,401 
  • Davide Donati & Michela Castoldi (Gymnastics, ITA) 20,739 
  • Armen Tsaturyan & Svetlana Gudyno (DanceSport, RUS) 14,946 
  • Mateus Kuntzler (Fistball, BRA) 11,922 
  • Team Finland (Flying Disc) 11,709 
  • U19 Team Czech Republic (Floorball) 11,652 
  • Sara Lopez (Archery, COL) 11,607

(number of votes for the top 10 athletes as of 20th January 16:00 CET)

Votes can be cast every 24 hours until 30th January 2020. VOTE HERE

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