The IFSC held its 8th Plenary Assembly

IFSC Plenary Assembly

On Saturday, March 9, 2013, the IFSC held its 8th Annual Plenary Assembly hosted by the Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA).

Elections: an important part of the Plenary Assembly

The IFSC brought together 81 National Federations, represented by their respective delegates, during the Plenary Assembly in Shanghai.

Electing a new IFSC President and Executive Board for the four-year 2013-2017 term, represented one of the most important elements of the meeting.

“We are at a turning point in sport climbing history with sport climbing short-listed for the 2020 Olympic Games. Each one of us must work towards the success of our bid,” indicated M. Marco SCOLARIS, President of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC).

    The new IFSC Executive Board is:
  • President: M. Marco Maria SCOLARIS (ITA) - reelected
  • Secretary General: Ms Debra GAWRYCH (USA) - elected
  • Vice President Media/Communication: M. Li ZHIXIN (CHN) - elected
  • Vice President Finances/Treasurer: M. Pierre-Henri PAILLASSON (FRA) - elected
  • Vice President Sport/Events: M. Helmut KNABL (AUT) - reelected

The next Plenary Assembly will be held in Paris in 2014.

Press Conference: 2013, a turning point in sport climbing history

On the very same day, a press conference was held to discuss the Olympic bid as well as to announce the agreements signed between the IFSC and two of the climbing world’s major companies.

    The press conference was run by:
  • M. Li ZHIXIN, President of the Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA)
  • M. Marco Maria SCOLARIS, President of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC)
  • Ms. Anne FUYNEL, Director of Marketing & Communications of the IFSC
  • M. Alberto MARCOS, International Sales Director, Entre-Prises
  • M. Jun CAO, Marketing Director, Kailas

IFSC Plenary Assembly

The IFSC and its distinguished host, the Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA), were honored to invit journalists to discuss two major topics:

Sport climbing today: main challenges and new trends
"The continuing growth of our sport on a worldwide level requires strong leadership as well as mid and long term plans. The support of the 81 Member National Federations is a key factor in order to succeed and to achieve this goal,"explained Marco SCOLARIS.
2020 Olympic bid: why sport climbing has a chance to win?
"Climbing represents one of the basic human motor skills yet to be represented in the Olympic Games. Climbing is not an add-on or a variant of an existing sport already in the program, and does not overlap with any other discipline. Climbing naturally attracts young people, yet it is a sport for everyone at any age. Climbing means opening the window to the great outdoors and rounding out the Olympic Games with something that is clearly missing,"iterated the President of the IFSC.

New Sponsors for the IFSC

    During the press conference, the IFSC was delighted to announce the signature of two partnership agreements with major players in the climbing world who fully wish to support the IFSC in its efforts to develop sport climbing across the planet.
  • Entre-Prises, world leader in climbing walls, is now the IFSC Official Climbing Wall Supplier.
  • Kailas, one of the leaders in innovative climbing equipment design, is now the IFSC Official Ropes Supplier as well as the IFSC Official Safety Gears Supplier.


Photo credit: IFSC/Reindert Lenselink

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