Following the publication of the IFSC Strategic Plan 2020-2028, the IFSC developed and put in place a Programme with the aim of achieving objectives under Universalitiy and Qualiity & Education.


The goal of the programme is to support and proactively develop diversity across the team of International Routesetters by offering opportunities within the IFSC community and IFSC Calendar of events to aspirant members of the IFSC routesetting group. Specific goals of the programme are to improve gender equality within the group, and to open opportunities for setters from countries not yet represented in the group to gain International competition experience.

Every year the IFSC will offer at least two opportunities on IFSC events to routesetters from under-represented groups as internships for broader development of experience. The routesetters that are part of the Diversity Programme will job-shadow the IFSC routesetting team during the event, and get an on-the-job learning opportunity. It will also allow them to show to the team their strengths and receive direct feedback on what to improve.

The selection of candidates for the Diversity Programme is made by the IFSC Routesetters’ Commission. Internships on the programme will be offered to candidates who do not yet have enough competition experience to qualify for a Junior Routesetter position, but who show very strong potential and who come from groups that are currently under represented within the IFSC routesetters' group.

At the end of the year, routesetters on the Diversity Programme will be reviewed and their position evaluated together with all the annual reviews. Strong candidates will be encouraged to apply for a position as a IFSC Junior Routesetter.


Postponed from 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic, the IFSC Routesetters’ Commission appointed two women routesetters, whose names have been put forward by their National Federation as candidates for the Programme:

  • Tsukasa MIZUGUCHI (JPN)
  • Flannery SHAY-NEMIROV (USA)


For the 2022 season, the IFSC allocated six spots for the Programme. The Routesetters’ Commission decided to appoint two men and four women, whose names have been put forward by their National Federation as candidates:

  • Anna BORELLA (ITA)
  • Pedro CORRLAL (ECU)
  • Haron HILMAN (SGP)
  • Emma HORAN (AUS)
  • Stephanie SEXTON (ISR)

Back in 2017 there was no female routesetters in the list of IFSC Officials. The first nomination to a woman was made with Katja Vidmar, in the 2018 list of Officials, and by 2019 she acted as IFSC Chief Routesetter.

The IFSC started encouraging Member Federations to send names of female routesetters and, for every call for Junior Routesetters applications, the Federation asked for two names to be put forward – one man and one woman. Else, only one candidate was going to be accepted.

The IFSC also drafted the IFSC Routsetters' Diversity Programme to account for lack of opportunities and lack of experience, in order to give them the opportunity, and also supporting them with travel and accommodation expenses, and paying half the honorarium of other routesetters.

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