In October 2022, the IFSC presented the IFSC Athletes’ Career Transition Programme, comprising a series of interactive, virtual courses hosted by Gabriela Mueller Mendoza – a professional speaker, executive communication coach, author, and professional trainer with a Latin-Swiss style.

Both active and retired athletes are allowed to participate. Courses are free.

The course helps participants in gaining valuable experience in different areas and skills, such as:

  • Self-awareness – your strengths and areas you may need to work on;
  • Transferable skills from sports into various other fields;
  • Identifying personal preferences;
  • Developing solid relationships and the power of networking;
  • Identifying new trends for job searching;
  • Entrepreneurship and double professional paths – job-business owner;
  • Role models, ideas about different possible professional paths; and
  • Developing a “game plan” and goal-setting for success.

The first boot camp took place on 24 October 2022, and a second one will be announced in due time.

The list of participants to the first boot camp included Tokyo 2020 Olympians Petra Klingler of Switzerland and Alannah Yip of Canada, IFSC World Cup medallist Erik Noya Cardona of Spain, and IFSC Paraclimbing World Cup medallist Tim Schaffrina of Germany.


It was a great experience, it helped me a lot as an athlete because I was able to recognise my strengths and how they can help me in my post-athlete professional life.


This seminar was a great way to gather people from different backgrounds and at different stage of their career. Some were just starting theirs and proactive with their future, some were retired and searching for guidance.

Charlotte DURIF (FRA)

Great experience to take part on this online course. Lots of great information and tools. Gabriela has an amazing way to explain things in way that you can understand everything. I highly recommend attending this workshop.

Nicholas PERRETH (GER)

It was a great opportunity to look into the future potential, and discover tips on a smooth transition from a competition climber to further life. It was very nice to see climbers from all over the world come together to learn more and develop in their lives.



The IFSC has put in place a system for data collection directly from NFs through the registration and result system. Each NF uploads contacts of their National Athletes’ Representatives. This database will improve the relationships between the IFSC and National Athletes’ Representatives establishing a direct way of communication from athletes to athletes.


The IFSC is currently focused on developing programmes around safeguarding, health, and wellbeing.

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