World Climbing Academy is the virtual hub for all educational activities run by the IFSC in collaboration with the Erasmus+ CORS project.


The collaboration with Erasmus+ CORS project, with leading partner the Czech National Federation has been important to drive and to support the start of this work. We agreed from the start that in order to optimize resources we would collaborate. IFSC agreed to fully fund the online platform as it will manage all educational activities of the federation, while CORS is developing structure and content for the elite coaches’ course and a routesetters’ course. Appointing Emma, who is also vice chair of the Coaches’ Commission, has been very important for the IFSC as she constantly ensured that CORS project direction was aligned with IFSC vision.

Michael Cary, Deputy Managing Director of World Academy of Sports, said:

“It is very rare to hear of such an effective collaboration; being able to align projects for the benefit of both parties is not common. It is a credit to Sport Climbing to have such strong collaboration.”
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