The 2022 IFSC Youth World Championships moved on to the Lead section of the event today in Dallas, Texas, USA, with qualification for the Junior male & female and Youth A female climbers.

With all the medals for Boulder and Speed confirmed, the young climbers took to the Lead wall at Summit Plano to stay in with a shot at taking home one of the final 2022 Youth Worlds medals.

The Japanese climbers have been having a great event so far and continued the good form topping the qualification rankings in both Junior categories with a host of climbers throughout all the top tens.

The top 26 from each category go through to the semifinals that begin on Tuesday. 

Top of Lead qualification: 

Junior male - Zento MURASHITA, JPN – R1 49+ (1) – R2 38+ (2)
Junior female - Natsuki TANII, JPN - R1 TOP (1) – R2 TOP (1)

Youth A female - Aleksandra TOTKOVA, BUL – R1 48+ (1) – R2 TOP (1)

Full results at click here


Alexis (Lexi) BINDER, Canada:

“It was a lot of fun today and I really enjoyed the routes, but I think I underestimated them a little bit. I thought the bottom wouldn’t be as bad because in the videos we had it climbed super quick and watching others climb it super quick I thought it’ll be ok. I was also a bit nervous and panicked a little."

On the event as a whole:
It was fun to get to cheer on my teammates and watch them do really well. I also got to meet a lot of different people which was a lot of fun. It’s been amazing to watch Canada do really well this year.

Matthew GRUNEWALD, South Africa:

“My climbing wasn’t great today. On my second route my heel popped when I was a bit low down so I was disappointed with that. The first route was ok, I mean it wasn’t as good as the top climbers but it was decent for me. I was happy with it. 

“The competition itself has been really good but it’s been weird with the heat in Dallas, it’s a lot different to home. The setting has been good and the people have been really friendly.

Sabina VAN ESSEN, Netherlands:

“Climbing was fun today. It went pretty smooth and I really enjoyed the routes. I haven’t made any mistakes so that wasnice as the last few climbs there has been stupid mistakes I’ve made. Today was just lots of fun. 

“I’ve climbed a few World Cups and there are really hard, physical and long routes which you get tired from, but also better from, so when you come to an event like this it feels more smooth and you feel you can go further in the route.”


Monday, 29 August:
10:00 AM  Lead qualifications YB men & women
10:00 AM  Lead men's qualification YA

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220828 IFSC News YW day7The Lead qualification begins at the 2022 IFSC Youth World Championships
Photo: Slobodan Miskovic 

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