The Boulder category of the 2022 IFSC Youth World Championships came to a close today with USA taking the two available golds on offer for Youth B.

Dallas local Anastasia Sanders was one of two finals competitors who flashed all four Boulders at the Movement Climbing’s The Hill in Texas, USA, but took gold thanks to her semifinal performance. 

Despite being at home, Sanders was confident she could take the win: “I didn’t feel a lot of pressure this competition because I knew I could do all the Boulders and I was capable of flashing all of them, I just need to be a little bit careful.”

The American had to be careful because Japan’s Natsumi Oda was also in scintillating form flashing all the finals Boulders but took silver due to her third position in the semifinals compared to her rivals second place.

Oda was joined on the podium by teammate Kaho Murakoshi in bronze who also topped all four Boulders but with more attempts on her scorecard.

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The second gold of the day for USA came from Hugo Hoyer in the male Youth B category.

Hoyer was behind going on to the final Boulder of the competition but like his female counterpart had confidence on his side.

“I love that style of Boulder,” Hoyer said of the final problem. “And when I came out to preview I thought it looked like a fun Boulder. I knew if I topped it I would be in a good place. 

I pulled up and swung and came off the first time but thought I can do this, and the second time around I stuck it. After that I was really happy.”

By sticking the hold and taking the top Hoyer moved ahead of silver medallist Matteo Reusa of Italy.

Japan took yet another Boulder medal as Hinata Terakawa’s bronze moved the country on to a total of eight so far in the 2022 edition with Speed and Lead to come.

Attention will now turn to the Speed competition with the event also changing locations to Summit Plano tomorrow.

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