The Slovenian city of Kranj – located 30 kilometers north of the state capital, Ljubljana – is about to welcome the fifth Lead stage of the 2021 IFSC World Cup Series, marking the end of the discipline’s season.

A true landmark in the Sport Climbing calendar, Kranj will also celebrate the 25th Sport Climbing international competition organised in the last 26 years.

A total of 118 athletes, representing 28 countries from five continents, will participate in the men’s and women’s Lead events, battling for a spot on the podium, and for the 2021 IFSC Lead World Cup trophy.

As of now, Italy’s Stefano Ghisolfi and United States’ Natalia Grossman stand atop the discipline’s ranking with 291 and 231 points, respectively. Sean Bailey of the USA, and Laura Rogora of Italy follow in second place with 255 and 223.

Sascha Lehmann of Switzerland is the only other climber that can still claim the 2021 trophy in the men’s category, having collected 199 points across the four previous Lead World Cup stages.

The top 10 athletes in the provisional men’s ranking are the following:

  • Stefano Ghisolfi (ITA): 291 points
  • Sean Bailey (USA): 255
  • Sascha Lehmann (SUI): 199
  • Alberto Gines Lopez (ESP): 169
  • Masahiro Higuchi (JPN): 163
  • Martin Stranik (CZE): 158.87
  • Luka Potocar (SLO): 132
  • Alexander Megos (GER): 127
  • Dmitrii Fakirianov (RUS): 114
  • Victor Baudrand (CAN): 107

210903 IFSC News Lead World Cup season set to close in Kranj Slovenia 1
Stefano Ghisolfi is currently in first place in the 2021 IFSC Lead World Cup ranking
Photo: Eddie Fowke/IFSC

In the women’s event, a larger group of athletes – including Olympic gold medalist Janja Garnbret of Slovenia – can still end up on the seasonal podium.

The top 10 climbers in the provisional women’s ranking are the following:

  • Natalia Grossman (USA): 231 points
  • Laura Rogora (ITA): 223
  • Vita Lukan (SLO): 218
  • Janja Garnbret (SLO): 200
  • Aleksandra Totkova (BUL): 168
  • Eliska Adamovksa (CZE): 162
  • Lucka Rakovec (SLO): 138
  • Momoko Abe (JPN): 118
  • Julia Chanourdie (FRA): 115
  • Ashima Shiraishi (USA): 98

210903 IFSC News Lead World Cup season set to close in Kranj Slovenia 2
Lucka Rakovec of Slovenia won her first and only World Cup medla in Kranj, in 2019

Photo: Eddie Fowke/IFSC

The semi-finals and finals of the IFSC Lead World Cup in Kranj will be live streamed on the IFSC YouTube channel. Semi-finals will start at 9:00 AM (UTC+2:00), while the women’s final will kick off at 6:00 PM, followed by the men’s one.

News and updates will be available on the IFSC website and on the Federation’s social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

IFSC World Cup Series 2021

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