The men’s and women’s Lead semi-finals of the IFSC World Cup in Briançon, France, set the stage for tomorrow night’s showdown: the last one before spotlights will turn on Tokyo, Japan, where the Games of the XXXII Olympiad will take place from 23 July to 8 August, and Sport Climbing is expected to make its long-awaited Olympic debut.

With two World Cup silvers already around his neck in 2021, Stefano Ghisolfi of Italy will finally have a clear shot at the gold medal, as he took first place in the men’s semi-final, and will be the last athlete to face tomorrow’s final route. Paired with Ghisolfi at 42+ – but placed second because of a lower placement in the qualification round – Sean Bailey of the United States will also go for his third Lead medal of the season, after taking gold in both Villars, Switzerland, and Chamonix, France.

The complete list of finalists for the men’s event is as follows:

  1. Stefano Ghisolfi (ITA)
  2. Sean Bailey (USA)
  3. Dmitrii Fakirianov (RUS)
  4. Martin Stranik (CZE)
  5. Sascha Lehmann (SUI)
  6. Luka Potocar (SLO)
  7. Alberto Ginés López (ESP)
  8. Fedir Samoilov (UKR)

The full results of the men’s Lead semi-final are available here.

In the women’s event, it is once again United States’ Natalia Grossman standing at the top of the table. The 20-year-old from Boulder, Colorado, USA – the most decorated athlete of the 2021 IFSC World Cup Series, with two golds, two silvers, and two bronzes –preceded four more climbers who all topped the semi-final route: Lucka Rakovec of Slovenia, Eliska Adamovska of the Czech Republic, Vita Lukan of Slovenia, and Ashima Shiraishi of the United States.

The complete list of finalists for the women’s event is as follows:

  1. Natalia Grossman (USA)
  2. Lucka Rakovec (SLO)
  3. Eliska Adamovska (CZE)
  4. Vita Lukan (SLO)
  5. Ashima Shiraishi (USA)
  6. Aleksandra Totkova (BUL)
  7. Lana Skusek (SLO)
  8. Ryu Nakagawa (JPN)

The full results of the women’s Lead semi-final are available here.

The men’s Lead final will kick off tomorrow night at 7:30 PM (UTC+2:00), followed by the women’s one; they will both be live streamed on the IFSC YouTube channel. News and updates about the IFSC Lead World Cup in Briançon are available on the IFSC website and on its social media channels: FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

210717 IFSC News Ghisolfi Grossman take number 1 seed at tomorrows finals in Briancon United States' Natalia Grossman have already won six medals in the 2021 IFSC World Cup Series: two golds, two silvers, and two bronzes
Photo: Jan Virt/IFSC

2021 IFSC World Cup Series

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