Jan Virt is a Czech photographer currently living in Paris, France, where he settled in 2018, after taking a five-year detour in Miami, Florida, USA. Jan spent a decade in corporate finance management, but driven by his passion for climbing and photography, he decided to pursue photography professionally. His passion for climbing allowed him to travel the world – from small climbing areas around Prague to the beautiful Alps, majestic Yosemite Valley, and remote expeditions into thin air in Nepal, Tibet, and the Andes.

He started covering IFSC competitions in 2019 and will be part of the IFSC pool of photographers that will cover the 2021 season.

IFSC News Portfolio Jan Virt 01

This women’s boulder was located right in the middle of the stage with flat, not very interesting angles to photograph. I had to be extra creative and found a barrier that I used for the foreground blur, while capturing Germany's Hannah Meul, dancing in the middle of a dyno.

IFSC News Portfolio Jan Virt 02

Alpine trad routes have always been appealing to me and I was excited when the French rising star Hugo Parmentier invited me to accompany him into the granite walls surrounding Chamonix. There’s more to be seen and read about this alpine mega-line in the near future. The stoke levels were high, dried food sparse, and nights cold...

IFSC News Portfolio Jan Virt 03

Despite losing its appeal to modern climbers due to its sparse protection and stiff grades, this 1980’s routes in Buoux still test the limits till today. In this photo, Belgian climber Chloe Caulier is working the famous Le Menestrel route - La Rose et la Vampire.

IFSC News Portfolio Jan Virt 04

One of my favourite photographs taken during the first and only IFSC World Cup organised in 2020, in Briançon, France, where Laura Rogora won first place. With enforced social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, this gesture was inevitable at such occasion and proves our primal human needs for contact with each other.

IFSC News Portfolio Jan Virt 05

This photo made me wonder what was Vita Lukan thinking about. Those few moments before launching for the send, remembering the sequences while chalking up her hands. It seems that chalking our hands several times before the climb is more of a ritual and waste of chalk, yet so important to execute before we are ready for an ascent.


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