The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) European Council is proud to present the IFSC Europe Sustainability Award, a prize that organisers of IFSC continental competitions in Europe will be able to obtain at the end of the 2021 season, pending their compilation of an online form that covers different areas of sustainability.

The initiative was presented by IFSC Europe Secretary General Mr Colin Knowles on February 10, during a teleconference with IFSC Europe Member Federations, and unanimously welcomed with commitment and enthusiasm.

More than 40 criteria will be used to make an evaluation of each competition, spanning from energy to food and beverage, merchandising, accommodation, transportation and waste management.

Along with Mr Knowles, the IFSC Europe Sustainability Panel will include: Charlotte Durif – Athletes Representative in the IFSC Europe Executive Board, Julia Kaess of the Deutsche Alpenverein; Sandra Lailas Dottar of the Swedish Climbing Federation; and Robby Toth of Climbing and Mountaineering Belgium.

IFSC Europe President Mr Wolfgang Wabel said:

“We should give more awareness to the sustainable development of our sport, balancing social, ecological and economical aspects. Our competitions are well suitable to have an efficient output if planned and organised with sustainable actions. The IFSC Europe Sustainability Award should motivate and give ideas to put more attention on a sustainable attitude: make the world a better place through climbing!”

IFSC Europe Sports Vice-President Mr Heiko Wilhelm said:

“The Sustainability Award is a very important step to bring the topic of environmental protection for our competitions even more to the fore. Even small measures can achieve a lot in the long run. We are very confident that our event organisers will take a sensitive green look at their events.”

IFSC Europe Secretary General Mr Colin Knowles said:

“There is no Planet B! Yes, this saying is a cliché, but the point is that our sport should play its part in re-estabilising Earth's atmosphere. IFSC Europe's Sustainability Award is a small but important contribution towards that end.“

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