A fairy-tale ending: two Russian climbers qualified for Tokyo 2020 in Moscow (RUS), where the 2020 IFSC European Championships closed tonight.

Viktoriia Meshkova (20) and Aleksei Rubtsov (32) fought fiercely throughout the marathon-like Combined finals format, eventually climbing atop the highest step of the podium and landing a spot at next year’s Olympic Games.


The opening stage of the day slavishly followed the script, as 23-year-old Patrycja Chudziak and 27-year-old Marcin Dzienski — both representing Poland — recorded the fastest times in the women’s and men’s Speed events, respectively.

Chudziak clocked in at 8.12 seconds, finishing ahead of Viktoriia Meshkova, who took 2nd place. Serbia’s 23-year-old Stasa Gejo followed in 3rd position, beating Russian climber Elena Krasovskaia (20). 

In the men’s event, Dzienski stopped the clock at 5.85 seconds, prevailing against Sergei Luzhetskii (25) of Russia, who finished 2nd. In the race for 3rd position, Nikolai Iarilovets (21) — also of Russia — bested Switzerland’s Sascha Lehmann (22), who placed 4th.


The middle stage saw the two groups of climbers attempt to solve three Boulder problems each.

Gejo’s score of 2 tops and 3 zones was just enough to finish ahead of 24-year-old Chloe Caulier, with the Belgian athlete placing 2nd with a single attempt-to-top more than Gejo. Krasovskaia completed the top-3 with the same score, but an even higher number of attempts.

On the men’s ranking table, it was the experienced Aleksei Rubtsov who led the pack, closing the stage with 3 tops and 3 zones – the only athlete to obtain such score. Rubtsov was followed by his teammate Iarilovets — 2nd — and by Lehmann — 3rd — as they both recorded 2 tops and 3 zones.


The final chapter of the competition finally crowned Meshkova and Rubtsov as the 2020 Combined European Champions, also awarding them with the coveted tickets to Tokyo 2020.

Meshkova was the fastest climber to top the women’s Lead route, closing her final with 12.0 ranking points and surpassing Stasa Gejo, who won the silver medal with 15.0, and Eliska Adamovska (19), the bronze medallist with 64.0.

In the men’s Lead stage, three athletes finished with a top: Israel’s Yuval Shemla (22), Lehmann and Luzhetskii. A 35+ was enough for Rubtsov to claim 4th position and eventually win the gold medal-Olympic quota combo with 20.0 ranking points.

The podium was completed by Lehmann, 2nd with 24.0, and Luzhetskii, 3rd with 30.0.

The total number of Olympic qualified athletes in Sport Climbing now stands at 34 — 17 men and 17 women.


The final ranking of the women’s Combined at the 2020 IFSC European Championships in Moscow is as follows:

  1. Viktoriia Meshkova (RUS) 12.0 points
  2. Stasa Gejo (SRB) 15.0
  3. Eliska Adamovska (CZE) 64.0
  4. Patrycja Chudziak (POL) 64.0
  5. Chloe Caulier (BEL) 70.0
  6. Elena Krasovskaia (RUS) 72.0
  7. Hannah Meul (GER) 120.0
  8. Molly Thompson-Smith (GBR) 147.0

The final ranking of the men’s Combined at the 2020 IFSC European Championships in Moscow is as follows:

  1. Aleksei Rubtsov (RUS) 20.0 points
  2. Sascha Lehmann (SUI) 24.0
  3. Sergei Luzhetskii (RUS) 30.0
  4. Nikolai Iarilovets (RUS) 36.0
  5. Yuval Shemla (ISR) 48.0
  6. Marcin Dzienski (POL) 64.0
  7. Alex Khazanov (ISR) 196.0
  8. William Bosi (GBR) 210.0

201128 IFSC News Russia dominates Combined finals in Moscow Meshkova and Rubtsov land a spot at the Olympics Aleksei Rubtsov of Russia celebrates his qualification at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
Photo: Dimitris Tosidis/IFSC

2020 IFSC European Championships

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