Five months away from the start of an action-packed 2021 season — where Sport Climbing is set to make its debut on the Olympic stage at Tokyo 2020 — the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) and Vertical-Life reached out to all Member Federations to promote the result system that the Brixen-based software house developed in the last two years.

Indeed, despite a COVID-tormented 2020 season, the Vertical-Life system has already been successfully launched and tested by the IFSC at a number of international competitions, including the IFSC Pan American Championships that took place in Los Angeles (USA) between February and March, and the IFSC World Cup contested in Briançon (FRA) last August.

The software will also be vastly used in 2021 — providing live results and updates at all World Cup competitions, at the Youth World Championships in Voronezh (RUS) and at the World Championships in Moscow (RUS) — and the IFSC is already encouraging Member Federations to implement the system at national level, underlining its user-friendliness and ease of data entry, two features that would bring a valuable support to competition judges.

Also, by promoting its use, the IFSC wishes to kick-off a process that, on one hand, would fuel the progress of National Federations and the growth of the sport globally, while on the other, would allow Vertical-Life to further develop the application.

IFSC Sport Director Silvia Verdolini said:

“We are extremely happy to take our partnership with Vertical-Life to the next level. They created a complete, effective and user-friendly application, and the tests that we were able to run so far are completely satisfying. I’m sure many enhancements are about TO be implemented, and National Federations can play a big role in this.”

Vertical-Life Product Manager Ben Lepesant said:

“After two years of development and a successful launch in 2020, we are now ready to support National Federations with an up-to-date, flexible and stable competition management software solution. It's our goal at Vertical Life to support a key stakeholder in the industry in hosting competitions at the highest possible level.”

About Vertical-Life: A leading provider of business software for the climbing industry based in Brixen (ITA), in 2018 Vertical-Life has been commissioned by the IFSC to develop a state-of-the-art membership database and competition result system.

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